Positioning Cone

Positioning Cones are used to create anchorage points for climbing formwork, brackets, or similar structures. Since Positioning Cones can be nailed to any free space on the formwork skin from the inside thanks to the metal or plastic Nail Plate.

The point is independent of existing anchor holes and the formwork skin does not have to be perforated. Anchors such as Wobble, Hook, Fix or Plate Anchors can be used for bracing Positioning Cones.

After stripping the formwork and unscrewing the Nail Plate, the brackets can either be fixed using a metric screw, or the Positioning Cone can be exchanged for a Climbing Cone the brackets can be fixed to. We offer matching PE Sleeves to facilitate the unscrewing of Positioning Cones.

NAME BAR(mm) LENGTH(mm) HEX(mm) WEIGHT(kg/pc)
POSITIONING CONE 15/80 35 80 0.300
POSITIONING CONE 15/110 35 110 0.400

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