5 Keys To Reduce Costs In A Construction Site

With the use of nuts & bolt, it is possible to reduce costs on a construction site without compromising the quality of a project. Leading a construction team covers many aspects, such as having technical knowledge, supervising the work, and ethical and professional responsibility with the work team.

Undoubtedly, construction is one of the great engines of the economy and job creation. This is why a builder must constantly search for alternatives that allow him to achieve greater effectiveness and results. This last point is perhaps one of the variables that generate more 

pressure on construction project leaders since their permanent objective should be to achieve greater profitability in their construction work.

Bearing in mind that profitability is directly related to reducing costs, below, we will talk about five keys to identify where it is possible to achieve savings in a construction site.

1: Build Faster

If you build it faster, you can generate income in less time. To build faster, the builder will need to look for industrialized building systems that are faster and more cost-effective. 

The formwork construction system through forms will allow a modular construction through monolithic pours (walls and floors simultaneously)

2: Build With A Modular System

To build faster, it is ideal that the construction system adapts to all types of design, in any geometric shape or construction height. Furthermore, the more agile this process is carried out, the less wear and tear will have on the work team, and significant savings will be generated over time.

Having a complete formwork construction system that integrates the perimeter security solution will allow for faster assembly. This system must comply with all the standard requirements, which guarantee the safety of the workers, since accidents and unforeseen events of the personnel are a great emotional and professional wear and tear, causing reprocessing and cost overruns.

It is recommended to look for systems with handles integrated into the formwork panels. This will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the equipment, which generates greater operator safety and productivity on site.

3: Reduce The Use Of Ties

The use of ties to join the walls together is one of the characteristics of construction systems where savings can be achieved. Therefore, the builder must look for a system that requires fewer ties, as this will reduce costs and time in repairs and consumables.

Furthermore, looking for a system that allows the plaster paste to be applied directly to the surface without removing it will save on finishing costs.

4: Build With A Lighter Construction System

Carrying out the assembly and removal of a construction system is one of the steps determining costs in the amount of personnel required. Using a simpler and other accessories and lighter system will avoid the use of cranes and will require fewer men to lift the different panels. In addition, with few accessories, it is easier to use and does not require expensive training.

An example given by the Forsa brand is that if the weight of each panel is 20 kg / m2, the amount of personnel required on-site to achieve the optimal performance per day would be much less than what is required with a traditional system. 

With a smaller team and the construction and industrialized system, between 1,500 and 2,000 housing units can be produced, depending on the use and care.

5 Reduce The Use Of Concrete And Accessories

Another recommendation is to build with a monolithic formwork system that allows the builder to save on concrete. These systems make it possible to reduce waste, leaving it between 0% and 2%. This system, in addition to allowing you to save time in assembly and has a special design to avoid loss of other accessories at the installation time.